. Animation Sound Enjoyment: 4 (guilty pleasure and somewhat decent improvement in the second half compared to first) Then we move over to the other hiEs, Kouka was the one with a hard on Onee-san fetish but in all honesty I was rooting for her. She was literally the only character in the show I liked and as such I lost my mind completely in episode 16.

If you like Kouka too, her actions in episode 16 will leave you in a fit of rage, since it was unexplained, random and rage inducing. Snowdrop was shown as that Loli robot (great diversity Diomedea) who eats other robots to gain power and can make humans lose their sanity (?) and do weird stuff which was noticed in the first episode just before Arato was rescued by Lacia. To date, I've yet to understand what she was doing and why but eh, let's move on, the last hiE to cover (Methode was covered above) is Saturnus, describing her will be a lot like Erika Burrows, in that it's a bit of a spoiler, although she has nothing to do in the plot I can freely tell you without spoilers that she has no use at all in the plot.

Satisfying the maid fetish fans might have (yet again, great diversity Diomedea), all she did apart from that is go “yes” and “let's do this” and “alright”. Those were 80% of her lines for the whole show.

The soundtrack is just a joy to listen as it perfectly captures the sci-fi setting well with its amazing use of dubstep and futuristic tracks that were played in this anime. The Seiyuus did a decent job with the roles that they were given and the overall acting is above average.

3 Recap episodes are the stuff that the creators put in because they either don’t have enough material to adapt further arcs of set anime or they want to have newcomers who are interested of watching set series to catch up. Unless you are a long-running anime that has 50+ episodes I find the recap episodes to be pointless and lazy because honestly why would you watch 20-minute clip show that summaries a couple of story arcs that very often leave out important stuff when you can easily go watch actual episodes themselves. The animation is below average at best as it has a lot of still frames, poor fight choreography at times and choppy movement.

What started out as a guilty pleasure quickly turned into a show that made me impressed how a lame show can at least attempt at standing up and manage to somewhat achieve that. An E for Effort? You bet, might even give it a D+ if you like, because even though it had a lot of issues, Beatless was in itself a guilty pleasure to watch. Oh, and to satisfy all the fetishes with the hiEs, a responsible older partner (Lacia), the wild girl (Kouka), the proud girl (Methode), the Maid (Saturnus) and the Loli (Snowdrop), Diomedea, you sure have satisfied the fetishes.

At this rate I might have a fetish of watching bad shows for guilty pleasure if I don't stop, but to Diomedea’s credit, Good Taste lads. Now we wait for the next few months till those last 4 episodes come out. Now since I've been spewing all the negatives, let's neutralise with something that is both positive and negative, the sound.

First the good, the music was great, the synth tracks used made it only the second show to extensively use synth tracks for it's soundtrack and BGM this year and needless to say it was well done. The OP/EDs as well did not disappoint.

Too much focus was kept into the music to do great in the other places. Production and budgeting wasn't done well since it was all about making that soundtrack and licensing the music, sadly this killed off the budget to focus on the other parts and so ultimately led to the downfall of the anime. Speaking of production issues, THE DAMN RECAPS.

We had around 4-5 recaps for this 24 episode show. Should a show get this many? I say no.

Why did this show have so many recaps? Budgeting? We'll perhaps never know, but point is, I don't want to have a recap episode thrown at my face after waiting for a week. For those who are binge watching it as well, the episodes are part of the show so it gets really irritating to see the words “Recap Episode” show up in your news feed.

It cuts off from the main action badly. Oh wait, that itself is a fault in the show.

5 (Solely because of Lacia last quarter and a few characters [Kouka] here and there is this not a zero) These are recap episodes alone killed the pacing and narrative as it only makes the show even more insufferable to watch. The moment I saw intermission 4 pop up 2 episodes after intermission 3 I wanted to drop dead because how can a show have 2 episodes of barely anything happening and decided to have another intermission based on these episodes. Enjoyment To say that Beatless story is a mess is an understatement this is one of the worse executed and produced plots I ever heard the displeasure of watching.

Like with the openings themes both ending themes are great and catchy especially the first one Primalove” by ClariS which is my favourite ending theme of 2018. It doesn’t help that the fact that this show tries to be more big and complex than it actually is having the show takes itself too seriously with its themes, symbolism and heavy dialogue but it utterly fails thanks to this show horrible pacing, tone shifts and directing the show becomes very pretentious as a result. Back when I started the show as it aired on January 13 I liked Beatless.

It had coloured me with joy and anticipation since it's first episode went so well. Compared to the other anime I started at the time, it felt like it could do a lot with it's premise.

It went out like a light for the whole first half and took a while to set itself on track, and unfortunately not the same track as I felt in episode 1, but hey, it had a direction, so that's already better than FranXX. The only good thing about the story is that it can be pretty funny at times other than that it’s a mess that is filled with so problems. Beatless is Now if you thought the story was awful you haven’t seen anything yet because the characters are somehow even worse.

Character Laica is an empty husk of a female lead. She barely any personality at all other to just serve Arota and be waifu bait for the audience. The worst thing about this show that single-handy killed the show is the frequent intermission/recap episodes.

For an anime that has 24 episodes this show has so many recap episodes it’s insane. 5 If there’s is any silver lining for Beatless that saved it from being a total crapfeash it would be the soundtrack Having said that, Beatless is far from perfect, So there you have it Beatless is a horrendous anime.

Sound: 8 (Dat synth, dat expense on sound, dat BGM, dem OP/EDs) Methode was introduced as that proud hiE who can beat em up and has good taste in sunglasses (trust me, those sunglasses, I need them) but she was pretty much another cliched villain who didn't improve. Although she had the motives, the way she carried it out and her brief appearances altogether shunted the true potential of this Character as well, another character with wasted potential. Now we move from bad villains to bad characters overall, namely our idiot MC, Arato.

Arato was your average cherry boy. Apart from predictably falling in love with a robot his actions were as he said it himself, idiotic and uncalculated. In episode 19, they revealed what was the point of this incalculable mess of a character but not in the way you'd hope to call decent yet again.

Despite throwing around it's ideology that robots do not make mistakes (and proving that wrong afterwards) it felt unnatural to see such robots (or hiEs if you may). The plot just kept on throwing random stuff at my face, sometimes Lacia is an idol taken straight from Aikatsu (Aikatsu Robot? Well that's redundant) and sometimes she's a fashion idol that makes Arato’s heart throb, not mine. Needless to say, it was inconsistent.

It's inconsistent plot was evidenced in the first 7 weeks of it's run- I mean, episodes (will explain later) as it tried this thing or that. It began very badly after it's first episode and couldn't keep up till around episode 8 or 9 where it decided on one direction and stuck to it. How well that went is for us to judge, and my score can tell that enough.

It was horrible in its first half. Our main protagonist Arota is your typical naive character that we all seen before. He barely has any motivation at all and he just spends most of the series whining and being an incompetent idiot for the sake of it.

Another important thing is that despite it's recaps, Beatless wasn't a rushed show. I never felt that it was rushed most of the time and the pace was pretty good in itself since I could easily watch the show without getting too much information at once. Another important point is that Beatless tried to do something different with it's main heroine, Lacia.

Since this showed it's true colours in the last quarter of the show I won't delve in so deeply but it tried to paint her character in it's complete opposite way she was presented to us ever since the show started had mixed results, surprising because I thought it would fall flat on its face. It was well done since it changed my whole opinion of the past episodes of the show and Lacia herself. Kind of like that FranXX episode 13 which made you go “oh so this is why all this happened”, only that, and please bear with me on this one, it was done much better than FranXX.

Overall In short, the chararters in Beatless are just as bad as the story. One-hundred years into the future. A world in which society is mostly operated by humanoid robots called hIE


With the introduction of an ultra-advanced AI that surpasses human intelligence, beings that mankind is yet to fully comprehend made from materials far too advanced for human technology begin coming into being. Lacia, an hIE equipped with a black coffin-shaped device, is one of these. In boy-meets-girl fashion, 17-year-old Arato Endo has a fateful encounter with the artificial Lacia.

For what purpose were these artificial beings created? Amid questions regarding the coexistence of these artificial beings and humans, a 17-year-old boy makes a decision… However, despite Beatless ended up being a train-wreck I will give the show this. Least you're not Darling In the Franxx. For starters, the story is very dull and boring for the most part.

I didn’t care about many events in the story because I was bored with them and I thought they were poorly executed. It doesn’t help that many of the story elements in Beatless were done better in other anime before this.

” by TrySail is amazing opening that I adore to death and it’s by far the best thing to come out from this anime. Moving away from that we come to another massively irritating part of the anime, the villains. Or should I say whatever the heck they tried to be. Watarai Ginga had a lot of potential since he was the former partner of the creator of the Lacia-class hiEs and his backstory could have been done better, but unfortunately they screwed up what could have been a great backstory and instead, mowed him down in terms of development during the series.

Not unlike cliched shounen villains who have no purpose other than “to destroy”. It was pretty irritating to be able to predict when Ginga would come or what Ginga would do, and though that ultimately let him to his super-predictable defeat (in the most shounen way possible), that's not an excuse especially when that's who you painted as the real villain.

The rest of the characters are just walking cliches like the Arota’s annoying sister little Yuka who is basically a walking Imouto, Ryo the edgy smart childhood friend character to the spunky hot-headed Kouka who despite being the most entertaining character in the series is still a very below average character at best. At the anime of this review, Beatless hasn’t got an English Dub but then again why would anyone even bother picking up this series since the series was a failure

. A perfect example of how to not run a producing schedule.

The reason I'm saying this right out of the gate because if Beatless was done by any other studio it would have been function-able but because this show was done by Studio Diomedea who somehow have a worst record than fucking A1 Pictures this show was destined for failure from to become a massive failure. The show itself was poorly written crap from the very beginning and it’s only made worse thanks to shitty producing schedule with its horrid intermission episodes which by the way are RECAPS!!! The pacing in the show is terrible as lots of the events in the just seem to drag out way longer than they should make some of the actions scenes very boring to watch. Along with the shows horrible pacing, the direction is just abysmal.

It’s Darling in the Franxx levels of bad where it rather wastes it’s time on tropey shit instead of establishing its own world and plot correctly. It is likely one of the worst produced and scripted anime I have seen.

5 Opening 1 Error by GARNiDELia is a great and catchy opening theme that fits well with the first half of the series. If you asked me to compare FranXX and Beatless’ first episodes, FranXX easily beat it but the answer is the complete opposite if you ask me their overall position.

Beatless is better than FranXX. Despite it's crazed amount of stupidity, Beatless had a direction to follow.

It took Beatless 7 episodes to find its purpose and the direction it should be following, FranXX on the other hand couldn't at all find what it wanted to do, it kept on changing every episode, therefore butchering it's consistency. If I talked to the Yasaal in January about this he'd have laughed me off the room because both shows certainly didn't show their true colours until later, FranXX with it's terrible attempts at relating to teenagers with a horrible consistency and Beatless’ lame cliches coupled with bad villains, constant recaps but a somewhat proper direction (?). They're close, but Beatless edges out FranXX.

Why am I comparing the two? It's natural to compare two shows of a similar level. Aside from these inconsistencies we also had the shocking revelation that the voice acting for a few actors was bad.

They sounded very much fake, or robotic if you love puns as much as I do. Shiori sounded like she was making her debut and failed at it (I will be very surprised if I find out this actually was her debut). But out with that, a huge problem with the anime was it's convenience.

Whenever a convenient problem came, Arato conveniently solved it and conveniently everything went according to plan. Not the best thing to do to be honest. Apart from that as mentioned these random irrelevant plot points just came along and made the show feel like a cluttered up mess (trying not to jab at FranXX a second time here).

Many times I felt irritated by the show not trying to focus properly on whatever the heck it wanted to be doing but alas, rarely did the rabbit go down it's respectful hole. For starters, the character designs of the anime are a big downgrade to the light novel where certain characters of the show are missing a lot of detail and polish. I know it’s not fair to compare the character designs from different mediums with each other but for this case, I couldn’t because the characters designs are a complete dumpster fire compare to the light novel counterparts.

The best example of this was our protagonist Aroto where in the anime he looks like a typical nice boy while in light novel art he looks like more a serious threat. What does this have to do with Beatless? After that predictable defeat someone had to take his role of villain and they brought out the randomly created and introduced Erika Burrows, which I think is the most Nippon Western name I could come up with, but anyway, apart from showing how cryogenics can be successful (that's a debate for another day) she proved that Beatless could get a worse villain than Ginga. Her actions were unexplained, her motives were set aside (“I want something interesting”? Pls, you're rich, go get a PC and play games or something) and the way the show painted her personality was far from what I could call decent.

I already complained about Ginga, so this can explain how bad she is. You might say she's not a villain, but if that's indeed true, then she has absolutely NO use in this show since she'd just become a nobody. It also doesn’t help the fact the character designs constancy goes off-model especially in the fights where the art constantly, for the most part, is at an all-time low.

It's transition from one scene to another is random and pretty much tiring to watch. I can't tell you how fed up I was of this. And let's not forget the fact that our Lacia-class hiEs were given absolutely NO SENSIBLE EXPLANATION.

Apart from very minor dips into their backstories, the hiEs never had their purpose of creation explained apart from one line or the other, lines like “I'm created to help humanity move forward” isn't going to earn an excuse. You need proper explanation which sadly wasn't given.

Apart from being my guilty pleasure of the year it did have good things in it. It's plot improved considerably in it's second half, which although wasn't obviously flawless, it was a nice improvement all the same, as a person who was pissed with the first half even the mediocre-decent bracket it was in felt good to me. Other than the soundtrack and the kick-ass opening and ending themes there was not a single thing that I enjoyed about this show from it’s poorly executed plot, intermissions/recap episodes up the ass, shitty production values, stupid charterers and atrocious writing.

Moving to the production side of things Beatless are at best very underwhelming especially for an anime from 2018.