. McCartney says he learned about the experiment on the dogs when he was touring Texas in June, and that video footage of the testing is "heartbreaking. " Details on Ringo Starr's 2019 birthday celebration and tour Latest Beatles News as of Tuesday, July 2, 2019 Source: KXMB TV, Bismarck Related Articles Source: Phoenix New Times Rare Beatles album found in Desborough sells for more than £2,000 Source: Women.

Com Like a lot of surreal comic fantasies, Yesterday just invites you to shrug and go along with its cheerfully ridiculous premise. I was glad to do so, up to a point. The lead actor, Himesh Patel, has an engaging presence and a lovely singing voice.

But the movie is directed with uncharacteristic blandness by Danny Boyle. Source: Reverb Five of the best Beatles tours in Liverpool The Beatles' second performance over a three-day/five-show stand at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo, June 30 to July 2, 1966, in their last year of touring, is now more than 50 years ago. The Beatles were the first musical act to appear there.

Despite the near-constant din of screaming girls and rather tinny and echo-y fidelity, it rocks. Related Articles Source: NME, UK Friday, June 28, 2019 Fifty years back, on January 30, 1969, George Harrison stepped on to the roof of Apple in London and plugged in a Fender Telecaster. Famously, it would be The Beatles' last ever public performance.

Not quite so famously, his guitar was an unusual model, a new Rosewood Telecaster that he'd recently received from Fender. Source: North Hampshire Telegraph, UK Thursday, June 27, 2019 Source: Rolling Stone Ringo Starr has announced details for his annual birthday celebration. On July 7, 2019, he'll turn 79 and will return to Capitol Records Tower at 1750 N Vine St.

In Los Angeles for his annual Peace & Love celebration, where he and a starr-studded group of classic rock stars and other celebrities will join gathered fans. Tuesday, June 18, 2019 Can a Beatles fan believe in Yesterday Related Articles Source: Rolling Stone Related Articles Source: Los Angeles Times Jeff Lynne opened his North American tour last night with a 20-song show in Anahem, Calif. The performance was his first since he completed a European tour last October.

Eight songs in, Lynne welcomed Dhani Harrison, son of Lynne's friend and bandmate, George Harrison, to perform the Traveling Wilburys' "Handle With Care. " Yesterday is a movie full of existential questions: What if the Beatles never happened? What if nobody knew their songs? And what if we heard their songs now for the first time? The plot of Yesterday is basically, "I'm just a Sexy Sadie, standing in front of a Hey Jude, asking him to And I Love Her. " Review: Yesterday, a Beatles what-if story What the surviving Beatles thought of the Yesterday movie All Together Now Documentary Paul McCartney asks Texas A&M to stop testing on dogs Never-before-seen photos taken during The Beatles three U

. Tours You can download a free graphic novel similar to Yesterday film The Beatles in Liverpool: A walking and driving tour John Lennon's official and verified Instagram page has shared a really rare photo with its followers. For the photo, John took a self-portrait with mirrors and managed to take his first selfie ever with Leslie Bryce's Rollieflex camera in his recording studio upstairs at home at Kenwood, Weybridge, Surrey, on June 29, 1967.

Look Back: The Beatles at Budokan in 1966 Source: WOAI TV, San Antonio Related Articles Source: Post and Courier, Charleston A rare first pressing of the Beatles' first album uncovered in Desborough, Northamptonshire, England, by an auctioneer sold for four times its estimate, £2,200 (about $2,800). Experts confirmed it was one of the earliest copies produced and it was expected to be sold for between £400 and £600 at a music memorabilia and vinyl auction. Video: Jeff Lynne and Dhani Harrison sing Wilburys' favorite Paul McCartney returned to Phoenix last night to perform at Talking Stick Resort Arena.

He performed fan favorites, including lots of Beatles and Wings songs. McCartney opened with A Hard Day's Night, followed by the Wings song Junior's Farm. Outside the arena, fans lined up to take a picture with a large photo of McCartney.

Called "a total joy of a film that cements Danny Boyle and Richard Curtis as master storytellers of our time," Yesterday explores the pursuit of fame through fresh eyes and a determined heart. Apparently, director Danny Boyle and screenwriter Richard Curtis sent the film to the surviving members of The Beatles. Legendary Beatles cartoon animator comes to North Dakota Manchester City fans can be heard belting out Beatles classic Hey Jude in celebration of their team's achievements, with the tune being blasted out at home matches.

It is curious, however, as to why a song from a band that hails from Liverpool has been adopted by the Sky Blues due to the intense rivalry between the two cities. Yesterday dodges real implications of a Beatle-less world In 1968, Tammy Wynette recorded one of her signature songs, the Bobby Braddock-Curly Putman classic, "D-I-V-O-R-C-E. " Serving as the title tune from Wynette's third solo LP, the single, as well as the album, topped the charts.

The album contained a mournful rendition of Paul McCartney's oft-covered Yesterday. Sponsored Links Source: The Scoop, New Zealand Paul McCartney and Steven Tyler teamed up last weekend to perform a special rendition of The Beatles' Helter Skelter. No stranger to the tune, Tyler and Aerosmith have been performing the song as part of their set on and off for many years, but this might be the first time the pair have sung it together.

Source: The Echo, UK There were musicians, wildly popular ones, before the Beatles, but none approached their worldwide multimedia explosion. A world without the Beatles would be a vastly different one, socially and culturally

. It's a world that the new movie Yesterday and its director Danny Boyle largely dare not to imagine.

Related Articles Source: Ultimate Classic Rock Himesh Patel wasn't always a Beatles fan. Growing up, he preferred indie rock and Bollywood. That has now changed, says the actor, showing off a pair of Yellow Submarine novelty socks.

He said, "I had to be respectful but not reverent to the originals, and have some element of originality because, of course, they don't exist. " Friday, June 21, 2019 Review: Yesterday proves too clumsy for its clever conceit Paul McCartney's personal mix tape Related Articles Source: NPR The story behind George Harrison's Rosewood Telecaster Audiences will have the opportunity to experience the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra at its finest as it plays its first ever full-length Beatles concert. Led by some of Australia's most talented rock singers, All You Need Is Love plays for one night only at the ASB Theatre, Aotea Centre on Sunday, July 28.

The man behind the Saturday morning Beatles Cartoon series and the animated movie called Yellow Submarine, Ron Campbell, is not only an animator but a director. Campbell will be in Bismarck, North Dakota, all this weekend, where he will be at the Bismarck Art and Galleries showcasing all of his work. Source: Billboard Related Articles Source: Beatles News Beatles festival Meet and Greet to feature Beatles poet, artist, and musician Source: Best Classic Bands Pure McCartney The Lost Beatles Photographs What a clever premise for a film: Everyone but our hero wakes up never knowing The Beatles.

Himesh Patel is hugely convincing in his effort to relearn the most valuable songbook in history. The songs are recorded live, adding immediacy to the music scenes. The film opens today in theaters everywhere. » Click here to see previous articles you may have missed. Source: Ultimate Classic Rock Review: Himesh Patel masters the Beatles in Yesterday Video: Tammy Wynette's spellbinding cover of Yesterday 21 uplifting quotes from Ringo Starr If you look past the souvenir shops, pubs named for band members and rampant urban redevelopment, a visitor on a Beatles pilgrimage to Liverpool can encounter plenty of sites that contributed to the beloved group's musical heritage.

All you need is love, plus a little imagination and a decent pair of walking shoes. One of the most beloved members of The Beatles, Ringo Starr quotes can be used for a number of reasons. He's an eccentric, fun-loving, talented musician who made The Beatles complete.

And if your favorite Beatles song is Yellow Submarine or Octopus's Garden then you have Ringo Starr to thank! The Magical History Tour! Beatles behind the scenes in Los Angeles If you are a tourist to Liverpool, you can visit homes where The Beatles grew up, the places that they played at, iconic landmarks such as Penny Lane, Strawberry Field and St Peter's Church and Church Hall. And there are some walking tours that allow you to discover every nook and cranny Liverpool has to offer. Photos: Paul McCartney rocks Phoenix during Freshen Up Tour On Friday, September 20, Beatles at the Ridge will host its 6th Annual "Meet and Greet" Party where attendees may meet the guest speakers, authors, artists, poets, musicians, craftsmen, and vendors who will make the weekend so special.

Refreshments are provided, door prizes are given, and attendance is free. Source: Metalhead Zone Monday, July 1, 2019 Elvis drummer Jerry Carrigan dies at 75 Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra plays first full-length Beatles concert The new movie Yesterday about a man who wakes up to discover the Beatles never were, shares a similar plot with a 2011 graphic novel. One of the book's creators, David Blot, is now giving away the volume as a free digital download.

It was published in September 2011, and a second volume was planned but never completed. Related Articles Source: Best Classic Bands Why do Manchester City supporters sing Hey Jude at matches In-demand session drummer in Nashville Jerry Carrigan has died at age 75. He played on Arthur Alexander's "You Better Move On," whose songs caught the attention of The Beatles.

That led to Carrigan getting to play in the Muscle Shoals backup band that opened for The Beatles on their first U.