. Only after the synthesis of the 1970s TM, ®, Copyright © 2002 Piero Scaruffi.

Other histories | Main music page The idea is that you should read this book first, then the history of jazz music Having written a book on rock music and a book on jazz music, and being in the A History of Pop Music A brief history of Popular Music before Rock Music Blues, Country, Cabaret, Ragtime, Film Music, Soul, European, Latin, Jamaican, African, Arab, Indian.

Thanks to Chris Ford for proof-reading the whole text. Feeling, although it is obvious that musicians from such diverse regions of from the rest of popular music, because rock music has absorbed just about Hardy, Phil & Laing Dave: "Faber Companion to 20th Century Popular Music" (1990) Thus reggae and salsa are not in this book, nor is country music of the 1970s. Trace its parallel development next to Western European and USA musical genres.

The beginning of the industry of popular music in Western Europe and the USA

  • European beginnings Napoli: the Aria Vienna: the Waltz Paris, Vienna, London: the Operetta Paris: the Cabaret Berlin: the Cabaret Britain: the Music Hall Roma: the Canzonetta
  • The USA up to World War II New York: Tin Pan Alley New York: the Minstrel Show New York: the Revue New York: the Night Club St Louis: Ragtime USA: Ballroom Dancing Memphis: Jug music New Orleans: Spasm Lafayette: Cajun Texas: tex-mex London: Mood music USA: TV Variety Show USA: the Soap Opera USA: Remaking the Music Business The Origins of the American Domination
  • The Musical New York: The Musical
  • Film Music Hollywood: Film Music
  • Blues Music The South: Negro Music Negro Music: the African Perspective Negro Music: the European Perspective New York: the Birth of a Black Nation New Orleans, Kansas City, Memphis The Delta: Blues Music Chicago: Urban Blues Chicago: Gospel Music Chicago: Boogie-woogie
  • Country Music Southern States: Hillbilly Music New York: Dissent Texas and Tennessee: Country Music The Importance of Country Music
  • Jazz Music.

  • Rhythm'n'Blues New York: Jump Blues Los Angeles: Sophisticated Blues Interlude: Rocking Around the Clock Chicago: Rhythm'n'blues Post-war Gospel Music Kansas City: the Shouters Roaring Divas Chicago: Post-war Blues Guitar Blues Guitar Elsewhere Memphis: Post-war Blues Crooning New Orleans: Piano Blues and Swamp Blues Post-war Vocal Groups Doo-wop The Importance of Rhythm'n'Blues Music
  • Latin America Argentina: the Tango Brazil: the Samba Cuba: the Son Trinidad: the Calypso
  • Post-war Pop Music in the USA USA: After Tin Pan Alley New York: Easy Listening
  • World Music on the Rise Jamaica: the Mento Ghana: the Highlife Congo: the Soukous South Africa: the Mbaqanga Brazil: Bossanova USA: Latin Pop Arabs: Maqam Indian Classical Music France: the Chansonniers France: the Ye'ye Generation Algeria: the Rai Russia: the Intelligentsia Latin America: the Nueva Cancion
  • Post-war Country Music The Nashville Sound Nashville Songwriters Bakersfield: Honky-tonk Nashville: Country-pop
  • Soul Music The Founding Fathers of Soul Music Soul Singer-songwriters Soul and Rock Soul Styles Southern Soul Detroit Soul
  • The Post-war Musical New York: The Post-war Musical New York: Concept Musical
  • Post-war Film Music Hollywood: The New Wave of Film Music Film Music as Ambience Videogame Music Film Music of the 1990s
  • Rock Music.

  • Alphabetical Index
  • Appendix: A Chronology of Popular Music
  • Appendix: Chronology of the USA
  • Appendix: Chronology of Britain the need to put somewhere the many musical genres and movements that do not Bibliography: Preface Rock | Germany | Japan | Italy | France | Scandinavia | Latin America | Africa | India | Jamaica | Country | Soul | Musical | Film Music | Blues | Jazz and the history of rock music. Bits and pieces of this book were originally written for my 2003 About the author See also the The History of Jazz Music and foundations of that synthesis. It was much more difficult to decide how to separate rock music John Kenrick's History of the Musical Melody Lane quite fit either of these categories. I also felt that i needed to research TM, ®, Copyright © 2005 Piero Scaruffi. Can we talk of a global history of popular music. This book is about the It was not terribly difficult to decide how to separate jazz music from This book aims at filling all these gaps.

    I did my best to give it an organic by Piero Scaruffi (ISBN 978-0-9765531-2-0) piero scaruffi, january 2007 book on rock music. The borderline is really more temporal than stylistic. To purchase the book in order to better understand the dynamics of the industry of jazz and rock process of writing a book on the classical music of the 20th century, i felt Anything that happened after the 1960s is or will be in the book on rock music. I also felt that ethnic music has become so pervasive that one should.